5 Things to Do Before the Year Ends

5 Things To Do Before the Year Ends

It’s a beautiful day, we are about to see what are five things to do before the year ends for good.

The year is finally on its edge. As humans, we faced challenges we overcame, and some still there need to be solved – have been through a lot.


Actually, that’s how life is. We can still look up to those days that made us love life and cherish them.

Unfortunately, due to what life offers, some can’t even remember what a light heart feels like. So that’s when I had to sit down and write this short article on the five things to consider to have a happy life.

Here are the five crucial things to do before the year ends!!

1. Forgive

It’s you have been done wrong with people you held close to a point where you no longer have love for them. You used to hold love for them but nowadays it’s the opposite.

Do you think that’s helping you in any way? If not, why you don’t think about forgiving them so you free your heart and yourself from the case they don’t have business with?

2. Release

Firstly, you have to forgive, but not only that; secondly, you have to flush out what you have killed inside.

Release and see magic. I tell you, there is so much power in doing so. You feel light as the days go by.

3. Forget

Many make a mistake here. They be fast telling people that they have forgiven them but live with what they have done wrong in my mind for life and wonder why they haven’t been healed.

They forget they haven’t still forgotten that they have been done wrong. The truth is many who get healed are the people who tend to act like they weren’t done wrong, I mean the ones who forget the negativity and hold on to positivity.

Forget what they did you wrong only if you have self-love and want the best for yourself.

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4. Choose happiness

The key to a happy life is making happiness a priority and nothing else. You as a person who wants the best for yourself, have to have this spirit in you of putting happiness first no matter what.

Make sure you don’t allow anything to mess up the life you choose. Choose to be happy to the point that if it doesn’t bring you anything related to joy, you pay no mind.

Jaques Prevert once said, “Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it.”

Make sure you don’t forget to live in the present, that’s the only way to stay happy!

5. Move on

Last but not least, moving on from anything that holds you back is the best thing to do. We don’t cling to what’s lethal, we let go.

Can’t plant your seeds in the desert and look forward to harvesting them in the future. That’s not it.

You can’t harvest life in a toxic place. You have to go elsewhere, friendly with your growth. As the year ends, I would like to remind you that, you don’t have to stay where you are not wanted – move on.

Move on to a better place. A place where you are wanted, you will know. Take one step at a time, eventually, everything gets better.

Best of luck!


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